Property Management

Our property management experience reaches back to1990.  Low vacancy and high customer satisfaction was standard practice then—and still is today.  We are experienced in managing:

          ·Conventional, lease-up, student, and affordable

          ·Residential asset management with dedicated point of contacts for owners and partners/investors

          ·Stringent due-diligence process—blunting potential risks to the investment

          ·Asset maintenance/enhancement through comprehensive sustainment and repositioning strategies

          ·Resident retention: excellent customer service and continued outreach through community services

          ·Effective marketing through established and innovative channels; tying into resident retention

          ·Operational improvements through strategic planning, revenue, controlled expenditures and performance monitoring/analysis

          ·Asset disposition reporting/recommendation through regular hold-sell analysis

Eminence Pillars

Eminence means excellence.  Our four pillars of success include:

Outstanding Service

Superior Staff

Exceptional Industry Defining Standards


The Eminence Strategy

What we’re known for is action.  Failing to act, we feel, is the greatest mistake a property management company can make.  Assuming, as we do, that our pillars of success stand fast, market dominance is Eminence’s singular purpose.  We don’t merely want your property to be at the top of the list.  We want that investment to be the example in its asset class.  Are the prospective tenants wowed the moment they step onto the property; wanting to fill out an application before setting foot inside the office?  Are the current residents so satisfied with an Eminence property that they cannot imagine living anywhere else in the city?  Are the investors thrilled with their NOI’s,  and improved values/cap rates—not wanting anything more than more of the same?  We work for, sweat for, strive for this; for all our residents, investors, and owners.

Placing the Right Tenant

  • We are eager to lease up an Eminence property.  The way to keep it so is through proper tenant screening.  Filling the last few openings for the sake of doing so leads to the destruction of community cohesion; ultimately inviting quality tenants to leave in return for ones with a heartbeat and paycheck.  It never works out well after this takes place; and to correct it requires loss of revenue through eviction with the hopes that the surrounding community will trust your property again.

Lease and Lease Execution

  • We see the leasing process as a pure marketing and sales proposition.  The paperwork is merely a legal formality performed with precision.  Eminence begins leasing the moment the resident sets foot on the property.  By the time the prospect has returned from viewing our show unit, we expect them to have already emotionally committed to the idea of living with us.

Maintenance & Inspections

Knowing the property's condition is paramount to control and growing the business.  Keeping a strict maintenance schedule for upkeep and repairs is standard practice; and supports our mission to provide Excellent Apartment Living By Design.