Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance experience reaches back to1990.  Swift and professional service provides an important pillar of success to property management.  We provide for:

          ·Rental unit maintenace/repair

          ·Turn-over make-ready/cleaning


          ·Exterior building repair/maintenance

          ·Appliance installation/repair

          ·Flood damage mitigation/cleanup

          ·Lawn care

          ·Snow removal

Eminence Pillars

Eminence means excellence.  Our four pillars of success include:

Outstanding Service

Superior Staff

Exceptional Industry Defining Standards


The Eminence Strategy

What we’re known for is action.  Failing to act, we feel, is the greatest mistake a property management company can make.  Assuming, as we do, that our pillars of success stand fast, market dominance is Eminence’s singular purpose.  We don’t merely want your property to be at the top of the list.  We want that investment to be the example in its class of assets.  Are the prospective tenants wowed the moment they step onto the property; wanting to fill out an application before setting foot inside the office?  Are the current residents so satisfied with an Eminence property that they cannot imagine living anywhere else in the city?  Are the investors thrilled with their NOI’s,  and improved values/cap rates—not wanting anything more than more of the same?  We work for, sweat for, strive for this; for all our residents, investors, and owners.