Our Philanthropic Direction - A Step Up

Eminence set out to save part of the world--helping those closest to home.  Step Up is more than rental assistance and utility subsidy; it's forming support groups with neighbors nearby to serve as stretcher-bearers for when the wheels come off one's life in the middle of the night.  It's building up the community our residents have chosen to be a part of.  Eminence is not only managing real estate; we're serving and building community families.  Please ask an Eminence associate for more details.

          ·Rental assistance

          ·Utility subsidies

          ·After-school activities for working families

          ·Self-sustaining investment initiatives

          ·Neighborhood support groups: divorce, death, family guidance, life-stress

          ·Monthly social gatherings

          ·​​​​​​​Off-property activities: softball leagues, golf leagues, social clubs, etc.