Our Leadership

C. Wade Spencer

President and CEO

While Wade earned a Bachelor’s Degree, Philosophy and Psychology, from the University of Kansas, he began his apartment management career in 1990.  During his five years as an Apartment Manager, he succeeded by maintaining 95%-100% occupancy.  Dedication to resident satisfaction and sales excellence provided the winning strategy.  Business building would prove to be a talent honed by time in the rental industry.  In 1996, Wade founded Lead Publishing, Inc.  Having produced nine lines of magazines and numerous internet media intiatives, five print/internet market offerings served the apartment locating sector. 

After building his first business operation eight years before, Wade envisioned a larger service footprint to include recruiting, marketing, media and business consulting.  He has developed an impressive business services offering based on excellence and substantial project rollouts. Under his leadership the consulting company has consistently delivered outstanding results.

Possessing 26 years of business building and management experience, Wade has returned to his beginning.  In 2016, Eminence Property Services was conceived and built with the notion of providing apartment living services that are second to none—Excellent Apartment Living By Design.